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How to backup Sticky Notes in Windows

How to backup Sticky Notes in Windows

Sticky Notes is a helpful program to take notes in your laptop. While there are decision flavors of it on the first points superhighway to get hold of and arrange, it also comes at the aspect of Windows 7 working machine. If you've got a Tablet PC or a touchscreen, Windows 7 Sticky Notes priceless resource pen and touch enter, tooyou  change between vastly diversified enter guidelines within the home of a single discover. Sticky Notes is out there most uncomplicated within the Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate editions of Windows 7.

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You will likely be equipped to locate out an identical notes now.

Go to the enviornment "C:\Users\your-person-realize\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Sticky Notes"
Copy the record "StickyNotes.snt"
On the destination laptop, shut Sticky Notes if it's miles already working.
Go to the enviornment "C:\Users\your-person-realize\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Sticky Notes"
Paste the "StickyNotes.snt" record you backed up and update the most smooth one.
Start Sticky Notes.

How to backup Sticky Notes?

If you've got unending notes taken, you may be able to perchance perchance in basic terms in basic terms about evidently additionally are gazing to backup your notes once you reformat or motion an identical copies to at least one more laptop. To backup Stickey Notes, do the following:
How to backup Sticky Notes in Windows

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How to add split put up or “read extra” (Insert Blogger Excerpt) section in Windows Live Writer

How to add split put up or “read extra” (Insert Blogger Excerpt) section in Windows Live Writer

In a prior submit, I launched nearly Windows Live Writer being a favorable software for jogging a weblog to an terribly distinguished deal of jogging a weblog platforms from a unmarried software. Read extra permits in splitting the overall content drapery into two halves the primary screen up as a snippet in a blogs front page. On clicking analyze extra the user is taken to the overall weblog submit page. Read extra prevents a weblog from displaying full weblog submit content drapery within of the front pages.
In Blogger, we'll actually insert Read More half by approach of clicking at the "break up submit" button from the toolbar

You will see a Blogger Excerpt software launched after the plugin deploy (see indicated in pink).
On Windows Live Writer 2012, "break up submit" is integrated (see indicated in inexperienced) so there's not very any want of the plugin anymore.

Where to deploy the plugin?
Copy and paste the plugin at:
c:\Program Files\Windows Live\Writer\Plugins
or c:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\Writer\Plugins if on x64 platforms.

In ahead items of Windows Live Writer, there's not very any break up submit characteristic. But manually adding the analyze extra code within of the HTML beneficial resource code might even be tedious. Instead you would be able to download this plug-in in
Windows Live Writer. A button will screen up in Windows Live Writer and this would probable also be actually access from the menu.
Download the Windows Live Writer Blogger Excerpt (analyze extra) plugin from Scotts SkyDrive. Look for a document by approach of the recognize InsertBloggerExcerpt.

or by approach of adding the HTML tag within of the beneficial resource code:

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Link shared to Scotts Skydrive has a ramification of other Windows Live Writer plugins that you just could even are attempting moreover.
How to add

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How to add Google Adsense Code to Blogger Widget Area

How to add Google Adsense Code to Blogger Widget Area

First create the ad in Google Adsense
Go to Google Adsense and create from "My Ads" tab
Choose applicable length and colorations
You  pass for "responsive" class. Recommended: this can adapt to the the length of the edge/field where you are inserting the ad.

Steps to add Google Ads from Adsense to Blogger Blog:

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Choose HTML/Javascript widget class to add Google Adsense Code

Paste Google Adsense Code

While that you only're going to be able to add Google Adsense code very swiftly from Blogger utilizing the "Add a Gadget" from Blogger layouts, when you have definite Google Ads created in Google Adsense to your blogs and websites, and also you would add them to your Blogger weblog, here's procedures to do it. The science of this strategy is that it delivers you more do a thing about of your adverts.
If you add Google Adsense from Blogger, it is easy to well additionally have noticed in Google Adsense page that those adverts get registered with the weblog names. But when you have created a frequent Adsense code that you only'd like to milk for definite elements in your website/weblog, that too for a form of website/blogs, then it be far superior to create the Google Ad from Adsense, customise the length and colorations as favored and then add it to the website/weblog.

Copy the code from Google Adsense Login to Blogger > Layout Click "Add a gadget" Select "HTML/Javascript" ad the widget class Paste the Google Adsense ad code you copied Save
How to add Google Adsense Code to Blogger Widget Area

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How to add Facebook Page widget on Blogger web newsletter or web website

tag." The code feels like this:
How to add Facebook Page widget on Blogger web newsletter or web website

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How to  Shortcut key to get commenced monitor capture making use of Windows Snipping Tool

How to Shortcut key to get commenced monitor capture making use of Windows Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool

As you'd see within of the screenshots below, I was once competent to with out difficulty take screenshots of Window Menu along facet Website menu riding Snipping Tool.

Select the Start button, kind snipping device within of the seek field
Right-Click at the Snipping Tool, and click "Open File Location". A Windows Explorer window will open whereby you'd find out a shortcut for the Snipping Tool.
Right-click at the shortcut and click on Properties
Click at the ShortCut tab and click at the ShortCut textual content field.
Press the keys at the keyboard that you with out difficulty need to set fascinated with the assertion that the shortcut blend.
Click Apply and Ok
Test by pressing vital blend

There also can come a time even as a Windows person too would possibly have got to take screenshots of desktop to trap the entire desktop window or basically a quarter to placed it in office work or save as photograph. I being a blogger, I use screenshots an awful lot for my weblog posts. In this put up, we shall dialogue about alternatives on how to apply the Windows default Snipping Tool for the target of taking screenshots and the course of to apply shortcut to take screenshots riding the Snipping Tool with out the have got to set up any 1/3 detail software program.

If you are still riding Print Screen, change to Snipping Tool, that's an awful lot extra mandatory, namely in case you ought to take screenshots of exclusive quarter of the desktop. You want no longer set up any extra 1/3 birthday occasion software program to take screenshots in case you are cozy riding Snipping Tool. I had also used 1/3 birthday occasion software program for screenshot objective and after making an effort Snipping Tool, I decided 1/3 birthday occasion instruments will no longer be quintessential as Snipping Tool does the job nicely.
Snipping Tool shall we in 4 publications of snips:

Unable to take screenshots of menus with Snipping Tool?
Capture a snip of a menu
Screenshots of menus can not be taken through the use of the Snipping Tool GUI as by the point we click at the "New" button, the menu vanishes. To take screenshots of menus, we want an replace shortcut which would possibly rapidly get started off the screen trap video game. Luckly, there would possibly be by default.

Free-kind snip: Draw a loose-kind form round an object.
Rectangular snip: Drag the cursor round an object to kind a rectangle.
Window snip: Select a window, consisting of a browser window or dialog field, that you with out difficulty need to trap.
Full-screen snip: Capture the finished screen.

How to apply shortcut key to get started off the snipping operation?
Usually, after initiating the Snipping Tool, we'll be able to click at the "New" button at the device to take snips. Depending at the mode chose, the snip is additionally taken. This is ample if we're taking screenshots of traditional window. But you too would possibly have noticed that you're able to't take screenshots of menus. As with out reference to this the time we click "New", the menu is out of pastime.

Select the Start button, kind snipping device within of the seek field, after which make a stove Snipping Tool from the rfile of effects.

Windows Menu screenshot targeted on Snipping Tool

Menu of a webpage targeted on Snipping Tool

Setting shortcut key to get started off Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool is a screenshot utility covered in Windows Vista and later.


If you still concentration on you love 1/3 birthday occasion software program, take a lookup a stove of basically proper loose screenshot software program for Windows.

Problem with riding Print Screen
On any desktop keyboard there would possibly be a "Print Screen" key to take the screenshot of the finished desktop window. But it captures the finished desktop window and likewise, the captured photograph is within of the clipboard (desktop memory). So, we've now got to placed it in an photograph editor or other packages (consisting of Microsoft Word Document) to peer the photograph taken. Normally, on Windows Computer, oldsters fundamentally paste screenshots targeted on Print Screen on Microsoft Paint program to edit additional. If a lot straightforward a uncommon quarter of the desktop is required, we'll be able to use the crop device to take out a lot straightforward that exact portion and save the photograph. So, as you'd see, riding the Print Screen, although life like, requires a stove of additional work to be carried out to save or get the photograph. If Print screen is a lot straightforward no longer your the diversified of taking screenshots, use Windows Snipping Tool as a replace.

To take screenshot of component to desktop window, make a preference upon "Rectangular Strip".
Start Snipping Tool:

Open Snipping Tool (if a schortcut is about, you'd use the shortcut to get started off Snipping Tool)
Make bound the mode is "Rectangular Snip" in case you ought to take a lot straightforward component to the window
Open the menu that you with out difficulty need to cpature(For Windows 7, press the Esc key prematurely than commencing the menu.)
Press Ctrl + PrtScn keys.
Select the scenario of the screen to trap

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How to  Shortcut key to get commenced monitor capture making use of Windows Snipping Tool

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How so as to upload a net website hitvisit counter to Drupal net website

How so as to upload a net website hitvisit counter to Drupal net website

Counter Module

On the Drupal on-line page:

If you're in need of internet site hit/guest counter and do no longer wish to install modules, then that chances are you will be able to fortify your own tradition module, or use fairly tons of PHP code or use on-line amenities that bargains internet site counters. Even top here, there remains dependency on the commerce if in case they select to shutdown their carrier. But given that the serivce is up, at least you will get an effortless internet site counter for your Drupal internet site.

Count Site Counter in line with day, minute even 2nd!
Count Unique Visitor
Count Registered and Unregistered User
Count Published and unpublised Node
Display Web Server IP and Client IP
Report: Client IP, Access Date, Access Page
Initial values
Visitor Statistic in line with day, week, month and year!
Support Views module
Saved fields: nid, content textile classification, browser call, browser model and platform

Looking for internet site hit counters to feature to your Drupal on-line page? Have you tired out fairly tons of modules already? Some imagine that there's no longer any deserve to feature internet site hit counters similtaneously fairly tons of imagine they are going to still upload. It's all as much as you. Many web content still do. And in spite of the indeniable announcement that there are choice routes to watch display internet site visits paying homage to by Google Analytics. But placing a internet site go to counter ought to let us realize if there has been any hits correct from the page alternatively of utilizing an alternative carrier. In this submit, we will see thoughts on how to feature internet site hit counters to Drupal on-line page without concerns.

Your StatCounter will now commence recording guest counsel and, if you chose the visual alternative, your counter can be visual on your on-line page. Reload your homepage; make confident to establish the StatCounter counter on the page.
The screenshot less than is from a live Drupal internet site displaying StatCounter hit counter.

I use StatCounter's internet site hit counters for my projects, and so that they work as predict. They are sincere, just the manner I sought after. StatCounter adds loose customizable hit counters, guest tracking, information superhighway analytics and on-line page stats for Drupal. They also have an reputable Drupal module - StatCounter Module on

The module page says -

View pages that experience those days been visited.
View pages that experience been hit inside of the foremost.
View pages depend in line with month.
View pages depend in line with day of month.
View pages depend in line with day of week.
View pages depend in line with hour.
View pages depend in line with host.
View entry log.
View person exercise report (hits, nodes, remarks).
View referrer list.

Log into your Drupal on-line page.
Under Structure> click on "Add Block".
Enter "StatCounter" as the "Block Description" and paste your StatCounter code into the "Block Body".
Make explicit that your "Input Format" is "Full HTML" then scroll to the finish of the page and click on "Save Block".
Add the block to the footer region of your on-line page or in any other region favored. Scroll down the page to find your new StatCounter Block.
Click "Save Blocks" and that's it!

Total Visitors.
Unique Visitor.
Registered Users.
Last Registered User.
Published Nodes.
Your IP.

If all you will want is an effortless guest depend, this module again feels like an overkill. But if you desire the information, you intend to experiment it out. Do see the considerations top here prior to implementing on live internet site.

The module facilitates customers to insert their StatCounter tracking code and select the scope of pages they wish to watch it on.
Steps to install SiteCounter's internet site hit/guest counter on Drupal Site:

Visitors Module

From my social gathering with those modules, I discovered that those modules are too loads counsel whereas all I wanted was an effortless entire visits counter. If you've got got identical wants, then we need to find fairly tons of choice routes to watch the hit counter. Besides, the an alternative element of placing in place modules is that if chances are you will be able to not customise or if there are fairly tons of considerations encountered, you're relying on others to provide a repair if chances are you will be able to not do it yourself.
Site Hit/Visit counter for Drupal without installing modules

Drupal Core Statistics Module

When you simply wish to watch entire friends, this module feels like an overkill. You ought to install this module and experiment it if it meets your requirement. Also do take a be taught the considerations open top here formerly implementing on live internet site.

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Counter module counts how many friends on your on-line page. This module adds real time counting. All support kept to database.

Visitors Block

Sign up for a loose account
Add a assignment and enter the on-line page URL
Enter Website Name and setup kingdom, timezone and so on.
Choose a counter classification - Visible Counter, StatCounter Button or Invisible Tracking. You would wish to pick out "Visible Counter" to watch the counter on the Drupal internet site.
Customize the counter's dimension, text shade and historical past.
Opt in or out of stories by e-mail. I opted out as I do no longer have it.
StatCounter has an installing book for Drupal too. Click on the Drupal icon.
Chose the classification - Standard, Standard (xhtml), Basic, Basic (xhtml)
Copy the code

Reports (with charts)

This module information 1000's support approximately (anonymous or authenticated) friends of a Drupal internet site, and indicates those support inside of the format of the two Reports (with charts) or Blocks.
Using this module, the chums block famous the subsequent counsel:

The module page says -

The module also generates the subsequent reports:

For Drupal platform, there are very few modules associated with internet site hit/go to counters. And as in line with my experiment, I discovered they are no longer that central to configure and best of them are just overkill whereas all you definitely desire is an effortless internet site hit counter. But that can be just my opinion. Here are fairly tons of Drupal internet site hit/go to counter modules which you intend to have already tried. Or if you've got not, experiment them out. At the finish of this submit, we will even see an alternative method to install internet site hit/guest counter on Drupal on-line page without installing a module.
Some modules attainable on associated with internet site hit/guest counter:

The Statistics module indicates you how routinely a given page is looked, who looked it, the previous page the person visited (referrer URL), and whereas it was looked. These statistics are fantastic in determining on how customers are travelling and navigating your internet site. - link But by this state of mind, the hits cannot be displayed publicly in a page or in a block as in line with my social gathering. If top here's wrong, do unimaginable me. To use Drupal statistics, allow the "Statistics" if no longer already enabled. And Configure statistics by configuration > instrument > statistics.
Some other connected modules comprises -

Drupal 7 functions a statistics module, which is now an facet of Drupal middle, which ought to also be enabled and admins can experiment internet site hits counsel anyway loads more. The Statistics middle module overview page says -

Statistics Counter,
Statistics Filter
How so as to upload a net website hitvisit counter to Drupal net website

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How so as to add Gmail e mail account to Microsoft e mail patron

How so as to add Gmail e mail account to Microsoft e mail patron

Open Outlook
Choose "Microsoft Exchange /POP3/IMAP/HTTP"
Click on "Manual Configuration vary"
Choose "Internet Email"
Enter Gmail Account awareness
Your Name
Your Email Address
Account Type= IMAP or POP
Incoming Mail Server =
Outgoing Mail Server =
User title = your fill Gmail leadership
Password = Gmail account password

Open Gmail in a internet-based browser.
You may well also already have received emails that announces login tries were blocked
Click in your account icon from the maximum excellent merely properly caliber proper nook and click on on My Account

Click OK and "Test account Settings"

Gmail is a exceedingly favorite e mail service on the compliment. When we entry Gmail on internet browsers, we at all instances hope history superhighway entry to examine in and look at our emails. Gmail may well also additionally be used with e mail buyers merely like Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird and so on. What is the talents of utilising e mail buyers? Configuring history superhighway emails to e mail buyers are greater in view with a view to learn e mail already downloaded offline, devoid of history superhighway connection. In this submit we're going to see processes to upload Gmail account in Outlook and processes to resolve the phase encountered proper by means of setup where Outlook fails to login to Gmail and in sending scan e mail.
How to upload Gmail e mail account to Microsoft e mail shopper?

Steps to upload Gmails to Outlook e mail shopper:

Click "More Settings"
Click "Outgoing Server" tab > enable "My outgoing server requires authentication" and opt for out "use same settings as my incoming mail server"
Click "Advanced" tab.
If IMAP was certain in the sooner, then:
Incoming Server (IMAP) = 993, encryption =SSL
Outgoing Server (SMTP) = 465, encryption =SSL

All the notice for Gmails entered to date to setup with Outlook is uncommon, yet Outlook is not supplied to log in to Gmail and ship a scan e mail. We get fastened prompts to input the username and password. The phase is maybe not the configuration on Outlook alternatively Google is denying entry to Outlook.

If you have got considerations adding Gmail with Outlook as a  login or look at in considerations, please look at the video beneath:

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This time, the log in to Gmail and scan e mail passes successfully. The configuration of Gmail in Outlook is now comprehensive.

[embedded content]

Go again to Outlook and "Test Account Settings"

Under "Sign-in and Security", scroll down and enable "allow a lot less cozy apps"

To unravel the Outlook look at in phase on Gmail, do the ensuing.
How so as to add Gmail e mail account to Microsoft e mail patron

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